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Tuesday PM



League Results-2020


4th Place--Globus Printing--Tim Schmiesing, Tony Schmiesing, Jim Meiring, Paul Hueker

3rd Place--Karl's Place--Phil Deschner, Jim Koppin, Randy Roberts, Doug Thomas

2nd Place--Halls of Hanover--Phil Frilling, Patrick Kirkland, Jeff Raible, Jim Weaver

1st Place--Keith T & T--Keith Meyer, Greg Borchers, Eric Meyer, Mark Meyer



 Most Points--Tony Bensman

Average Low Net--Keith Myer, Bill Meiring

Average Low Gross--Joe Harrmann



League meetings the Week of March 15, 2021


Opening Week of Leagues for 2021--April 5th


League Secretary for 2021--Master Maintenance







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2020--Teams--Team Members







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League Rules for 2017